Için basit anahtar Chocolate STORAGE TANK örtüsünü

Için basit anahtar Chocolate STORAGE TANK örtüsünü

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As chocolate mass is a non-Newtonian fluid we have to measure its shear stress at different shear rates, which results in a flow curve. Shear stress divided by shear rate results in the apparent viscosity; if we again plot this versus the shear rate we get a viscosity curve. Chocolate mass is a shear thinning fluid, so the highest viscosity is found when the mass starts to flow. Interaction between particles is considered to be responsible for this behaviour3, which is very different to Newtonian fluids such as water.

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The machine is slower than a chocolate refiner but is mefkûre for small batches of chocolate. On the other hand, a chocolate refiner is a more advanced machine that dirilik refine and conch larger batches of chocolate. The machine is faster than a cocoa melanger and birey refine the chocolate to a finer particle size.

From the paste mixer the coarse unrefined chocolate paste is transported to the buffer above the pre-refiner. A fully automated slide gate feeds the coarse chocolate paste to the rolls.

Thouet 5 Roll Refiner Royal Duyvis Wiener özgü strong roots in traditional chocolate processing with the Thouet brand. Their passion for the product combined with smart customer-driven engineering solutions made the fundament for the new 5 Roll Refiner, which will be available in January 2023. In addition to delivering on the high product standards you would expect from your

The hygienic process zone is constructed entirely in stainless steel, without edges or open cavities, offering you the highest quality sanitation and making it fast and easy to clean between batches.

Melangers, or stone grinders, sevimli have adjustable speed and pressure controls to control the texture of the chocolate Chocolate SINGLE TUBE BALL REFINER being produced.

Powders of extremely high fineness kişi easily be produced with ball mills and agitated media mills. Both vertical and horizontal ball mills are utilized for the refining of chocolate and other cocoa products. A vertical ball mill saf the advantage of a smaller footprint and larger cooling jacket.

The ball refiner by Pomati group srl is designed for the production of spreadable creams, anhydrous pates for ice creams, pralinate products and cream sweets.

Ball refining is one of the chocolate micronization techniques. In order to get efficient results, process should hamiş exceed grinding down by 50 times and the grinded content should be liquid. Grinding time and product fineness are inversely proportional and generally the desired fineness of chocolate is in the range of 18 - 30 microns. Mixing arms of the chocolate refining machine are made of special material which subsequently heat-treated. With coupled chocolate pump and three-way valve, there is possibility to circulate the mass or discharge to a storage tank.

The feed mass must have a certain consistency, which is determined by the initial fat content, particle properties and upstream process parameters. Here the particles are ground to their final size, usually below 30µm in order to avoid a sandy texture in the mouth in the bitiş product. A difficulty is to combine the continuous refiners with downstream batch conches. Productivity of both machines strongly decreases if only one refiner is connected to one conch. Therefore usually a number of refiners are connected to a number of conches, which leads to relatively large production lines of several tons per hour. This is also one of the reasons why smaller companies hardly use this technology.

An alternative method to produce chocolate is using a ball mill where the mass is milled and sheared at the same time. Although cocoa liquor is usually ground by ball mills, those are derece popular for chocolate mass in the European industry. Nevertheless those systems are commonly used worldwide. The production is closed, which ensures hygienic processing and prevents contamination. Industrial-scale ball mills work continuously.

To wrap up this blog post, we want to finish with a quick comment about our CocoTerra chocolate maker.  We are proud of the CocoTerra chocolate making system that we developed because it provides a complete chocolate-making experience in one compact appliance.

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